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PMS Health Related Polices



                 When your child is absent, it is the parent's responsibility to call the

Office of Student Affairs at 298-2600 ext. 4112  each day by 9:00am.

Please leave a voice mail with your child's name, grade, teacher and

natureof illness, injury or reason for absence. 





Students may not have medication in their possession.  This includes cough drops, cold

 medicine, aspirin, vitamins, or any other over-the-counter medications or preparations.

  Medications prescribed by a physician must be kept in the nurse's office.  These

 medications must be kept in the original container and be accompanied by written

 permission and directions from the physician in order to be administered by the school

 nurse.  There are NO exceptions to this rule.

Parents must bring all medication to the health office;

students may not transport any medicine of any kind.



                                             PLAYGROUND RULES


                                  Students with crutches, casts or other medical conditions that

                               may be aggravated by  physical activity; running, jumping, kicking

                             etc. will be excluded from recess until such  time a physician’s noteis

                        presented allowing them to resume normal activities.*

                         * The same applies to physical education classes.