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Health Office Policies




When your child is absent, it is the parent's responsibility to call the Office of Student Services at 298-2600 ext. 4134  by 9:00am. Please leave a voice mail with your child's name, grade, teacher and nature of illness, injury or reason for absence. 




Casts, Crutches, and Braces

Students with crutches, casts or other medical conditions that may be aggravated by  physical activity; running, jumping, kicking etc. will be excluded from recess until such time a physician’s note is presented allowing them to resume normal activities. The same applies to physical education classes.




Criteria to Return to School after Illness
Please contact the health office for when your child can return to school after being sick. During this time, we use  guidelines from the Burlington County Health Department along with our district policies to determine their return to school date. If your child exhibits any GI symptoms or fever, they must remain out of school until free of those symptoms for 24 hours.