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Food Allergies


Food, Medication and other Allergies

If your child has any allergies you must contact the health office prior to your child starting school.

If your child has life-threatening allergies and requires the use of an Epi-pen, please contact the health office ASAP so we can provide a safe learning environment for your child. 

If your child has been prescribed an Epi-pen for their allergy please have their physician completely fill out the Epi-pen administration order form located under the "Health Office Forms" tab. We will need to have their Epi-Pen in the health office prior to the start of school.

The Epi-pen must be brought into the school by an adult. It must be brought in the original packaging with the pharmacy label on it.  No child may transport medication to school, only an adult may carry medication to school.


The school nurses can be reached  by phone at 609-296-2600 ex 4138

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our students safe.