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Elementary Report Cards

The district utilizes a report card for students in kindergarten through 5th grade created by a committee comprised of parents, teachers, and administrators from all three elementary schools.  Our teachers report academic progress based on standards and benchmarks for each grade level.


Some highlights of the report cards include:

·         Standards-based reporting - In an effort to ensure even our youngest students are progressing toward college and career-readiness, we have fully aligned our report card with state and national standards.

·         A trimester reporting system - The trimester format has become increasingly popular in many top school districts as the longer period between reports provides students with additional opportunities to demonstrate their progress toward rigorous standards.

·         Intermediary benchmarks - Benchmarks provide parents with a more-detailed explanation of the specific progress a student made during the trimester.

·         Number-based proficiency levels - A four-point numeric scale will replace the letters to make areas of strength and concern more easily identifiable.

Performance Levels

4– Exceeding Standards- The student shows in-depth knowledge and understanding. The student applies skills with consistent accuracy, independence, and high level of quality.  The student exceeds standards for this point in the school year.

3 – Achieves Standards-The student can apply strategies and skills learned independently.  The student consistently demonstrates proficiency in the skill area at grade level.

2– Approaching Standards -The student demonstrates some understanding of the subject area or skill.  Practice is still needed to further develop the skill and promote the child’s understanding.  The student responds to reminders, hints, and suggestions.

1 – Needs Support -The student does not demonstrate the skill, and has difficulty completing the task independently.  The student shows limited understanding of the skill or concept.  Area of concern that requires support.

X – Not Evaluated at this Time