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Academic Overview


Students will participate in Reader's Workshop.  Reader's Workshop begins with a mini-lesson emphasizing a specific reading strategy or skill.  Afterwards, students read independently or with a partner to practice the strategy or skill.  Students also meet one on one or in small groups with the teacher.  Reader's Workshop ends each day with a group share.  Students will develop a love of reading in first grade!



Students will develop their writing skills during Writer's Workshop.  Writer's Workshop begins with a mini-lesson focusing on a particular writing strategy or skill.  Afterwards, students write independently, work with partners, and conference with the teacher.  Writer's Workshop ends with a group share.  Students will also revise, edit, and publish writing pieces throughout the year.  Your child will turn into an amazing young author!


Word Study

We use Lucy Calkin's Phonics units of study.  Students will be instructed on phonetic patterns including short vowels, blends, digraphs, long vowels, inflected endings, and bossy r.  The first graders will also focus on memorizing snap words throughout the year.  



Students will participate in the Everyday Math program.  Everyday Math helps students master skills by continually reinforcing math concepts throughout the year.  At the start of each unit, you will receive a Family Letter which provides an overview of the concepts and skills we will be covering during that unit.



In first grade, students will use FOSS kits for our three exciting Science units. Students will learn about Air & Weather, Sound & Light, and Plants & Weather.  Your child will participate in many hands-on activities and experiments throughout the year. 


Social Studies

Throughout the year, we will focus on citizenship, American symbols, map skills, and important holidays and events.