Classroom Updates

Here is a little overview of what's to come in 2022-2023....
     In Reading, students will be reading many novels like Stone Fox, Because of Winn Dixie and Charlotte's Web. They will also be reading many other chapter books on their individual levels. 
     In Writing,  students will be working on many types of writing such as personal narratives, persuasive essays, and informational reports. Students will also be writing fictional stories, fairy tales and poetry throughout the year.
      In Math, students will be learning multiplication, division, fractions, measurement, area, perimeter, geometry and word problems. They will be using technology and critical thinking skills to solve problems. 
     In Science, students will be working on units about Water and Climate, Motion and Matter and Life Systems!  
     In Social Studies, students will be learning about the three branches of the United States Government-Legislative, Executive and Judicial. They will become Bordentown experts by learning about famous people and places in Bordentown History. Students will also be learning about map skills!