Students will complete 3 Science Units this year: Plants and Insects, Solids and Liquids, and Sand and Silt.
First we studied rocks and their properties.  Students were asked to collect their own rock and bring it to class.  We discussed the properties of these rocks and then sorted them based on their properties for color, shape, texture, and size.  
Next students observed rocks they were given in class and then described and sorted these rocks based on their properties.  After that students rubbed rocks together, dicussed what happened, and learned about the real process of weathering.
Students learned about the rock cycle and the 3 different kinds of rocks: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.  They also learned about volcanoes.
Students are now studying Solids and Liquids.  They have observed different solids and identified their properties, including flexible, rigid, rough and smooth.  After that students learned about different materials that solids are made of, such as plastic, metal, wood, cardboard, ceramic and fabric.  We discussed the properties of these materials and discussed why they would be used to make different things such as shoes, a car, or even a car.  Students completed this study of solids, by using various solids to build a tower that was 45 cm high and stable enough to stay standing despite the wind (use of a fan).
Next students started learning about liquids.  They observed various liquids and identified their properties: has color, transparent, translucent, bubbly, foamy, and viscous.  Students observed how the liquids moved, played Go Fish and Concentration to practice identifying these properties, and eventually learned what the class liquids really were.
Students will complete 2 Science Units this year: Plants and Insects, Solids and Liquids, and Sand and Silt.