¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

If you signed up for a Spring Conference (March 23rd or March 25th), a link to join the meeting would have been emailed to you.  Have a great evening.  

Queridas familias (Dear Families),


¡Próspero Año Nuevo! I hope that you had a wonderful Winter Break with your family. I am so excited to be back from Maternity Leave.


Spanish is currently all remote. Just like all of the other Humanities. Each week I will post a new assignment in Google Classroom on Sunday night. It will be due the following Sunday. I will post by Blocks. Each block will be 4 weeks long - with Week 4 being a "Catch Up & Relish Week". There will be no new assignments that week. Just an opportunity to make up any missing assignments or have fun doing OPTIONAL extension activities that I will post.


If for some reason you have not yet joined the Spanish Google Classroom for your Grade Level, you can find their Join Code on their Grade Level Webpage. Just click on their Grade Level in the box to the right of this message.


The best way to connect with me during the school day (8:45-3:45) is via Google Chat. You can find the Chat option in the Google App Waffle in the top right hand corner. It looks like 9 little boxes grouped together. Once in Google Chat, just type my name in the "Find People, Rooms, Bot" Box. Then you can message me directly. I can even set up a Google Meet directly through Google Chat if necessary.


It is very important that after completing each week's assignment, that students remember to click on "MARK AS DONE". By clicking on "MARK AS DONE", it marks the assignment as done on the Teacher's side, allowing us to track student participation. Please, please make sure to actually to complete the assignment and be sure to follow the directions. I will be checking each assignment that is turned in to make sure the assignment is completed per the directions. If you just click on "MARK AS DONE" but do not actually complete the assignment, I cannot give your child credit for that particular assignment. Conversely, if your child works on the assignment but does not click on "MARK AS DONE", I will not know that they worked on the assignment and I therefore would not be able to give them credit for that particular assignment.


Grading will be as follows:

4 = Student completes all assignments following the directions for the Trimester.

3 = Student complete some of the assignments following the directions for the Trimester.

X = Student does NOT complete any assignments or student had completed assignments

but does not follow the directions. An "X" just means the student cannot be assessed.

It does not mean that they did poorly.


I understand how trying these times can be - balancing remote learning with your own work obligations.  I appreciate you taking the time to have your child(ren) stay up to date with Spanish class.  Hopefully it will provide a fun and much needed break from the core subject areas.  Learning another language is exceptionally important as it fosters academic growth across different curriculums.  I hope that your families can have fun learning Spanish together through this whole process. Kids have a unique ability to learn different languages.


I am so excited to be back and to teach Spanish to your child(ren) for the rest of the school year.


Un salud,


Señora Hines