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Grading Policy

Performance Levels 


4– Exceeding Standards- The student shows in-depth knowledge and understanding of the concepts. The student applies skills with consistent accuracy, independence, and high level of quality. The assignment is complete and the student may have completed an extra part of the assignment and/or extended their thinking. The student exceeds standards for this assignment.

3 – Achieves Standards-The student can apply strategies and skills learned independently. The assignment is complete. The student’s responses are mostly accurate. The student demonstrates proficiency in the skill area at grade level. 

 2– Approaching Standards -The student demonstrates some understanding of the subject area or skill.  Practice is still needed to further develop the skill and promote the child’s understanding.  The student needed reminders, hints, and suggestions. The assignment is partially complete and/or contains a few errors.

 1 – Needs Support -The student does not demonstrate the skill, and has difficulty completing the task independently.  The student shows limited understanding of the skill or concept.  The assignment is incomplete and/or contains many errors. The student required support.