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Safe Snack List

We will have snack each day in the afternoon (outside).  To avoid any issues with allergies, we kindly ask that you choose a "SAFE SNACK" for your child from the list below.  Please DO NOT have your child bring in any items that contain peanuts.  The list below is SAFE and it allows for a quick clean up so we can get right back into our lessons without sticky hands and desks.
  • raisins, dried fruit
  • goldfish
  • pretzels
  • cheese crackers
  • fruit snacks
  • celery, carrot sticks (no dip)
  • teddy grahams
  • plain crackers, animal crackers
NO items that contain peanuts are allowed in our classroom.
Students may bring in water to drink during snack.
Children will not be allowed to share their snacks.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.