Distance Learning for Band/Orchestra

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus), teachers will instruct students through virtual remote learning.  
Students receive a 35 minute lesson throughout the week, however, it is important that the student is practicing 15-30 minutes daily to improve on technique and tone on their instrument. 
1.Listen to your concert song and play-a-long!
2. Practice Checklist! Read the notes and Practice them throughout the week!
3. Flipgrid APP!  I have decided to use Flipgrid for students to record their practice.  On the app, I will be able to send responses back to that video!   
It is very easy to use!  Directions:
1. Download Flipgrid or use info.Flipgrid.com
2. Type in Flip Code:  musickim
3. Login with Student School Email  (Login with Google)  **Must be Bordentown.k12.nj.us Email account.**
4. Students will then respond back to the Topics that Mr. Kim's put up. 
If you are missing any of the following music, please email dkim@bordentown.k12.nj.us and I will scan the music for you!
Here is the repertoire list for the next spring concert (May 4, 2020):
Intermediate Band:
Louie, Louie
Star Wars
Beginner Band:
Frere Jacque
Blue Ribbon March
Evening at the Symphony
Intermediate Orchestra:
Ode to Joy
Enter the Heroes
Strawberry Jam
Over the Rainbow
Beginner Orchestra: 
Ode to Joy
Enter the Heroes
If you need a break from practicing, you can always play fun Music games online!
1. Click Note Trainer
2. Scroll Down to Settings
3. Turn off Bass Clef, Tenor Clef, Alto Clef 
**If you play trombone, cello, tuba, turn on bass clef and turn off Treble Clef**
4. Scroll up and click New Game!
5. Aim for that 100%!  Good Luck!   
New Record: 1200 Correct  0 Incorrect