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Monthly News

Happy December!
     Our class has been working very hard this past month and  has been doing a wonderful job! This past month students have finished reading mystery books.  In the upcoming month, students will be reading informational books. They will be looking at different text features like a table of contents, chapter headings, charts and glossaries. Our class continues to do a great job on their reading logs in class and at home!
     In Writing,  students are finishing up their informational report. They are working on editing and revising their writing. Students will be looking at text features in mentor books. In their report, they will include text features like a table of contents, charts, diagrams and a glossary. In the upcoming month, students will be writing about special family memories.
    In Math, students are working on Unit 3 which will include measurement, perimeter and area. Please continue to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division flashcards every day for reinforcement. 
     In Science, students are working on the Unit Life Structures. They have observed seeds and growing plants. Students are currently observing and taking care of crayfish. Finally, students will be studying the food chain and skeletal structures by observing owl pellets. Students will keep detailed notes and sketches of their observations and conclusions.
     In Social Studies, students have finished studying about the three branches of the United States Government...Legislative, Executive and Judicial. They will continue to read about currents events in their Scholastic News. 
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at or (609)298-2600. Thank you again for your continued support!