Peter Muschal Elementary School

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Terrific Third Graders

     Happy March! Students are currently reading Charlotte's Web by E.B. White.  Students are focusing on the characters in this book. They are looking into the characters thoughts, feelings and actions. Students are looking into the reasons why the characters are experiencing problems and how they resolve their problems. They will also be reading biographies about famous people this month.
     In Writing,  students are working on realistic fiction stories. They are developing their beginning by including a good opening, characters and a setting. They are also including a problem and events in their middle. In the end, students are including a big moment and a resolution to the problem.
    In Math, students are working on Unit 7 which covers fractions, mass, volume, area, perimeter, order of operations and multistep word problems. Please continue to review  multiplication and division facts every night at home.
     In Science this marking period, students worked on many exciting hands on experiments on Water and Climate.  They learned about absorption, temperature and density of water. They worked cooperatively in groups, followed steps to complete investigations/experiments, shared their results and made conclusions.
     In Social Studies, students are reading about current events in their Scholastic News. They are also learning about famous people and places in Bordentown. They are becoming a Bordentown expert by learning about the history or their town.
     Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at or (609)298-2600 ext. 4151.