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Too Sick for School


Various "ailments" are common in all schools during the winter months: strep throat, gastrointestinal viruses, "pink eye", and the common cold. Good handwashing is the best defense against all contagious illnesses, along with covering coughs and reducing exposure to ill individuals. We understand that parents may worry about their students missing school.  However, please remember the "Golden Rule" when it comes to not sending children with serious, contagious illnesses to school.  (When in doubt, call the nurse!)

Students with the following illnesses must stay home from school: 

Vomiting and/or diarrhea - to return child must have no vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hrs.

Fevers over 100 degrees - to return child must be fever/symptom-free for 24 hrs without taking Motrin or Tylenol to mask the fever.  

Suspected strep throat  - child need to see a doctor for diagnosis and, if positive, may not return to school until they have been on antibiotics for at least 24 hours AND are fever/symptom free without taking            Motrin or Tylenol to mask the fever. Student must be cleared for school attendance with a doctor's note.  

Undiagnosed rashes -  child must see a doctor for diagnosis and be cleared for school attendance   with a doctor's note.  

Pink eye/conjunctivitis (bacterial or viral) - must stay home until the eye is no longer red or has    been cleared for school attendance with a doctor's note.