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Classroom News


Fundations: This month we are focusing on letter identification, and letter-sound recognition. Our letters we will be primarily focusing on are c, a, i, u, o, g, d, s, e, r, p, and j. Students will be given a dictation each Friday, which will be used to keep track of their progress with their ability to identify letters by sound.

Sight Words: This month, we will continue to learn more words on our sight word list. The next two we will be focusing on are a and at. Students will be introduced to sight words at their own pace, and we will continue to review past sight words frequently. Please continue to review sight words as frequently as possible at home. 

Reading Workshop: In reading workshop this month, we will practice retelling stories after we’ve read them, recalling events from stories, and making personal connections. We will do so using storybooks that are familiar to us.

Writing Workshop: This month, students are continuing to practice labeling their pictures with the letter sounds they hear in words. We are working to identify more than just the beginning sound. Students will also practice taking their labels and using these words to make a sentence on writing lines.

Math: In math this month, we will be expanding to working with numbers 1-10. We will continue to practice comparing numbers by using words like greater than, less than, and equal to. Students will begin to practice solving number stories (word problems) with numbers up to 10.