Starting the Week of May 4th, all Spanish Class Assignments will only be posted in the Humanities Google Classroom for your child's class.  If you do not know how to access Google Classroom, please check Ms. Spell's Library Website for Instructions.  Click on her Distance Learning Work link for instructions.


Spanish Activities for the Week of April 27th

*I am very excited to announce that I have joined the Library/Humanities Google Classroom for all Kindergarten Classes.  Moving forward, all weekly Spanish Class Assignment will be posted in your Library/Humanities Google Classroom.  Just click on Classwork to check for your Spanish Class Assignments.  This will be the last week that I post your weekly Assignments on my Web Page.* 

This week's assignment is posted below, but you can also access it in Google Classroom.

  1. Students will be learning about Cinco de Mayo this week.  Please click on the link to watch a video that I created about his holiday:
  2. Please click on the link to watch YouTube Videos on Cinco de Mayo.
  3. Please click on the link to complete a Google Form about Cinco de Mayo.



Welcome Back From Spring Break Video for Students and their Families:


Spanish Activities for the Week of April 20th:

This is a "Catch Up" Week for Spanish Class.  No new material will be posted. Instead, students may use this week to catch up any assignments that they may have missed during the first 4 weeks of Remote Learning.  These Assignments can still be found on my Website by Grade Level. There is a running log of all Remote Learning Assignments.



Spanish Activities for the Week of April 6th:

This week we have ½ days for all students. 

  1. This week's Activity is an Easter themed Color by Number Activity.    In the link below you will find several different options for your child to choose from.   You can choose one or more of the Color by Numbers for your child to do (depending on how busy you are this week).  Print up just the page(s) that you want to do. If you do not celebrate Easter, please feel free to opt out of this assignment completely.  Instead, you can have your child draw and color in a rainbow. Have them label each color in Spanish. Feel free to hang up your child's artwork!
  2. You do NOT have to email evidence of completion.  This is a lighter activity that my students would have done in class on the ½ days this week if we were in school.
Spanish Class Activities for the week of March 30th:
  1. This week students will continue to learn about parts of the body in Spanish.  They should review the Video from last week; look over the Body parts vocabulary Handout again; and sing along to "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" in Spanish.  (I have included links to all three of these below).
  2. Students are to complete the two Assignments below on Body Parts.  One is a Matching worksheet and the other is a Labeling worksheet. You do NOT have to email me pictures of this completed assignment.  Students can just bring it back to school upon our return. Both worksheets are included on this one link.
  3. Please help your child complete the Google Form (link below).  Be sure to submit the form once you have completed it. This form will give me feedback on what your child has completed or still needs to do.  I appreciate your help.
Spanish Class Activities for the week of March 23rd:
1) Click on the link below to watch a Video of Face & Body Vocabulary that I created.  You may watch the Video as many times as you need to. Be sure to repeat the vocabulary out loud as you go along.

2) View/Print (if possible) the Handout on Body Parts Vocabulary.  Click on the link below to view it. You will be using this Handout right up until Spring Break to complete assignments.

3) Use the FlipGrid Link below to record yourself saying 4 of your body parts in Spanish while pointing at those body parts.  Practice saying them out loud in Spanish before recording. You may refer back to my VidYard recording to practice and use your Vocabulary Handout.  When you are ready to record, click on the FlipGrid link below. Then click on the green circle with the plus sign to add your FlipGrid Video about the weather. Be sure to include your name and class (Kindergarten: Brandimarto, Monaghan, Reilly). If for any reason FlipGrid won't save, upload, etc - just send me an email and include the Video if you want. If you are uncomfortable submitting a video: Draw a stick figure picture and label 4 of the body parts in Spanish.  Then email me a picture of your labeled drawing.

Kindergarten Grade Flip Grid Link

Spanish Class Activities for the Week of March 16th.  Kindergarten students have Spanish Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  The activities should be completed by Friday.  Students should watch the attached You Tube Videos to practice their Spanish.  We have already learned Numbers and Colors.  We spent the last two weeks learning part of the Face.    Next week I will be uploading Vocabulary and Activities for Parts of the Body.  Please have students watch each video and practice saying the words out loud. 
Body Parts
¡Hola familias!
Kindergarten is such an exciting year for the students. 
Below is my Kindergarten Schedule
Tuesdays - Reilly's Class
Wednesdays - Brandimarto's Class
Thursdays - Monaghan's Class
This year in Kindergarten our Units will be Thematic.  We will explore both language and culture.  Some of the topics that we will cover are listed below:
- Introductions (Greetings/Me llamo/Feelings/Goodbyes)
- Guacamole Song
- Numbers 1 - 10
- Day of the Dead
- Holiday Vocabulary
- Colors
- Three Kings' Day
- Classroom Objects
- Family
- Parts of the Body
- Animals
- Food
I will use visuals, manipulative, movement, videos, songs and much more to help teach Spanish to your child.  Occasionally I may send home a letter to request certain materials that we may need to use to work on in-class projects or a letter with websites for on-line games that help support what we are learning in class.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you ever have any questions.
Un salud,
Señora Hines
Please, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that you may have the next several week during our Remote Learning Adventure. I am happy to help. My email is
Un salud,
Señora Hines.