Ms. Olivia Benson » Music Master Schedule 2020-2021

Music Master Schedule 2020-2021

Please note that students are expected to spend 35 minutes on Humanities work when they are learning virtually from home.
Depending on your student's cohort, this will take place between either 8:45-11:30 AM, or between 1:00-3:45 PM.
Students are expected to complete their music work on the day they normally go to music class. Please see the schedule below that indicates which day your students' class attends music.
4th-Grade: Prep
3rd-Grade: Ms. Wonderlin
1st-Grade: Prep
2nd-Grade: Mrs. Boggs
Kindergarten: Ms. Brown
5th-Grade: Mrs. Meyers
4th-Grade: Ms. Berman
3rd-Grade: Ms. Enrico
1st-Grade: Mrs. Lloyd
2nd-Grade: Mrs. Kenna
Kindergarten: Prep
5th-Grade: Mrs. Parkinson
4th-Grade: Prep
3rd-Grade: Mrs. Albanese
1st-Grade: Mrs. Crowell
2nd-Grade: Mrs. Fonseca
Kindergarten: Ms. Mruk
5th-Grade: Mrs. Eugene
4th-Grade: Mrs. Davis
3rd-Grade: Mrs. Vergantino 
1st-Grade: Ms. Stokes
2nd-Grade: Prep
Kindergarten: Mrs. Brandimarto
5th-Grade: Prep
4th-Grade: Ms. Kroeckel
3rd-Grade: Ms. DiAntonio
1st-Grade: Prep
2nd-Grade: Mrs. Kiley
Kindergarten: Mrs. Reilly
5th-Grade: Mrs. Stab