Distance Learning for Music

Hello Students and Guardians of Peter Muschal Elementary School!
Ms. Benson here! As we take the proper precautions towards staying healthy, I have provided you all with the materials you will need to continue making music while we're at home! Simply click on the grade level you are/your child is in and follow the instructions provided in the document. 
Each class spends 35 minutes a week in music. I encourage you all to practice self-care through listening, creating, and responding to music. Dance to your favorite song, teach a family member to play a singing game we've learned in class, listen to music you've never heard before.  
Please email completed products to me via email obenson@bordentown.k12.nj.us. Explore different mediums we use to share music-making -- I would love to see videos of your final creations! 
Pre-Kindergarten: Video of Ms. Benson coming soon! In the meantime, relax your body and focus on your breathing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QshHRgGOS4s&feature=youtu.be&app=desktop



Hogs in the cornfield, cows in the clover,

Tell your sister Kate we're coming over,

Hogs in the cornfield, how do you know?

Met a little friend, they told me so!

Pick a family member to walk, bounce, and turn around with!
Pick a motion to show during the "Go this way and that..." How many motions can you perform? Can you keep perform it at the same speed as the song (heartbeat of the song)? 
Watch and enjoy together.