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Computer Tech

Kodable has been a big hit with students this year and really teaches them about the basics of coding in a fun and easy way.  Students will be coming home with login information to work on Kodable during the summer if they wish.
Keyboarding Without Tears
Students practice KWT in cycles during Library Media Class.  They are always welcomed and encouraged to practice on their own as well.
Educator Pins can be found here and all students should know their passwords. 
Mruk: ZROP4X
Monaghan: 1E0A8A
Brandimarto: 3255E4
Reilly: 9B9770
1st Grade:
Lloyd: 447D64
Crowell: 45F752
Stokes: E21586
Brown: 7EDE23
2nd Grade
Boggs: 771479
Kenna: B2FB8B
Kiley: 216100
3rd Grade
Albanese: 6C47B7
Enrico: 3E8050
Vergantino: ED6DB2
Wonderlin: E802B3
4th Grade
Kemp: H1DJ26
McCall: 4117E3
Peretz: 08E902
Davis: 6876B9
5th Grade
Meyers: 382FA9
Stab: 5E751C
Parkinson: 431C2C
Eugene: 5B62B6
Please email [email protected] if you need password assistance.