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What are we up to in Library Media Class?

May 2022
Kindergarten students have been learning how to use our PebbleGo database to research information about animals.  This goes along with the nonfiction animal units they have been working on with their classroom teachers.  Students also read a fun story about robots and explored balance and center of gravity with their own, "balancing robots" and pennies.  The students had time to try sticking the pennies to different parts of the robot to try and get the robot to balance on their finger.  They explored and discussed with their friends the various ideas they came up with.  So many students figured out the correct penny placement all on their own.  They did a fantastic job with this activity!
First graders have been exploring seasons of the year with a favorite story by Mo Willems titled, City Dog, Country Frog.  Their favorite season trees are currently decorating the library but they'll be bringing them home soon.  
Second graders learned about fact vs. opinion with our friends, Jack and Minion and the book, Facts vs. Opinions vs. Robots.  They enjoyed Kevin Henke's Birds and then used our PebbleGo database to research facts on a bird of their choice.  Their fact and opinion birds are flying among the 1st grade seasonal trees in our library.
Third graders are learning about descriptive words.  We read, We Forgot Brock! by Carter Goodrich and used the Peanuts movie promotional website to create their own imaginary characters.  Students added details about their characters and put together "lost" posters.  Be on the lookout for those "lost" friends!
Fourth and fifth graders have been learning about plagiarism and paraphrasing.  They all participated in our, "Pirates of Plagiarism" game to identify scenarios involving plagiarism.  Many of our students had a great time, "walking the plank" when they got 5 scenarios in a row.  Both grade levels participated in a breakout activity that required the students to use newly learned plagiarism identification and paraphrasing skills.  Students worked well together in teams to uncover the combinations to 4 locks and break into the boxes.  4th graders are now working on creating summer bucket lists after reading, Stay:  a girl, a dog and a bucket list.  5th graders read, The Night Gardener and are creating their own unique topiary designs using google draw and the polygon tool.
In June we'll be wrapping up the school year with a book swap and various STEM activities related to literature we've encountered during the past few months.