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Keyboarding Without Tears

This year we will be using the Keyboarding Without Tears program to become better typists. The more you practice, the better you will get at typing. You'll log into KWT, type in your teacher's educator pin, find your name on the list of students in your class, type in your secret code and begin. This program is designed for you to work on your own without a teacher guiding you. So, make sure your volume is turned up and follow the instructions the program gives you. You can work for as long as you want to, there is no set stopping point for each time you log on.
See the instructional video below if you need help with how to log on and how to navigate the program. 
Again, you can work on KWT whenever you want to!
Click here to go to KWT
Here are the educator pins:
Brandimarto 3255E4
Reilly 9B9770
Brown RX65I5
1st Grade
Crowell 45F752
Lloyd 447D64
Stokes E21586
2nd Grade
Boggs 771479
Kenna B2FB8B
Kiley 216100
Fonseca 2DCA48
3rd Grade
Wonderlin E802B3
DiAntonio A8058A
Enrico 3E8050
Albanese 6C47B7
Vergantino ED6DB2
4th Grade
Davis 6876B9
Berman 77B517
Kroeckel 4A1VOU
5th Grade
Stab 5E751C
Meyers 382FA9
Parkinson 431C2C
Eugene 5B62B6
Your secret code is your student ID number. Send me a private message or email if you don't know what your student ID# is.