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Virtual Learning

Kindergarten students and all students that are new at PMES should have received an invitation from me to join their respective Google Classrooms for Library Skills.  Log on to Google Classroom with your email and student ID.   Then you should see the invitation and a link to click to accept.  See the following video for more help.  
Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. 
Finding books that we love to read is always the first and best part about our PMES Library.  This year will be different and even though we won't be able to head to the library to check out our favorites.  But, you CAN use my Epic account to read eBooks.  Click here to go there now.  Log in as a student and the class code is: cat5802
Also, make sure that you have a public library card.  Use this link to "apply for a card" if you don't already have one.  The Bordentown Public Library will allow you to request books for curbside pickup and will give you access to eBooks and other digital resources. 

Our school is using Google Classroom this year to assign Humanities work.  After completing each week's Library assignment , you must click on, "Mark Done" or "Turn In" so that I will receive your assignment.   Otherwise I will not be able to see that the assignment has been completed and can not give you credit for that assignment.  I will be checking each assignment that is turned in to make sure that directions were followed.  If the assignment has not beeI will "return" assignments once they are graded.  "Returning" an assignment in Google Classroom just means that I have marked the assignment as complete in my gradebook.  It's like receiving a paper back with a grade on it.  You do not, resubmit assignments that were returned unless they do not have a grade attached to them or I've written a comment asking you to redo something. 



4 = Student completes and follows directions on all assignments for the marking period.

3 = Student completes and follows directions on some of the assignments for the marking period.

X = Student does NOT complete any assignments or student has completed assignments but directions were not followed.

 "X" means that the student cannot be assessed because correct work was not submitted. 


Parents and caregivers, I appreciate your help and flexibility with Virtual Learning during this difficult time.  Please reach out to me with any questions or if your student has difficulty completing the Library Work.