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Fourth Grade

We'll wrap up the school year in June with an all-time favorite and creative project to open up our minds to seeing things in new and unique ways.  We'll also get some hands on experience with using items in the Library Makerspace area.  
In May, we collaborated with our Spanish Teacher, Senora Hines and read Manana Iguana.  We folded origami sombreros and learned a really cool version of the Mexican Hat Dance.  This month, we also though about things we'd like to accomplish in our lives.  We read, Stay:  A Girl, a Dog, and  a Bucket List by Kate Klise.  We then learned how to insert images into a google doc and created our own bucket lists.
April was National Poetry Month.  Fourth Graders read a collection of poems by Shel Silverstein titled, "Don't Bump the Glump".  They used watercolor paint to make their own glump like images.  Students then created a "diamante" poem to describe their "glumps".   In addition, we read One Plastic Bag and formulated a plan to create something useful out of an empty plastic bag.
March will focus on favorite picture books from all over the world for our celebration of "Read Across America".  Fourth Graders will participate in our IditaREAD Challenge.  The Iditarod Trail is about 850 miles this year so let's see if we can read 850 books by the end of the month!  Special prizes will be given out to all of those students who participate.  Author Terry Lynn Johnson will help us kick off our challenge with a Virtual Author Visit on March 3rd.  She'll talk about her book, Sled Dog School and tell us all about her experiences being a musher.  Keep your eye on Block 7 in Google Classroom for more exciting events all month long.  
January is our month of CODE!  We will concentrate on pairing awesome Children's Picture books with CODING resources.  Students will make their own secret code words using Binary code after reading, Grace Hopper Queen of Computer Code" by Laurie Wallmark.  They'll receive an introduction to and practice a coding challenge called, Minecraft: Voyage Aquatic.  It was a tough challenge but students rose to the occasion!

We'll also talk about the Caldecott Medal this month and take a look at some possible contenders for the 2021 award.  Students will engage in the "Mock Caldecott Awards" and choose a book they think should win the medal this year.  I wonder which book will win???

In February, students will read the Caldecott Medal winner for 2021.  We'll celebrate World Read Aloud Day by checking out some other favorite books as well.  "Keyboarding Without Tears" is a fun program students will use to brush up on their typing skills.  Students will have access to this program for the duration of the school year as well.  There is also an incredible Black History Month Choice Board for students to work on anytime they wish.  The second FlipGrid Virtual Field Trip featuring author Vashti Harrison is a great interactive activity for our students on World Read Aloud Day. Vashti Harrison’s groundbreaking LITTLE LEADERS: BOLD WOMEN IN BLACK HISTORY has inspired young readers around the world to explore history and celebrate the geniuses in their own communities. Join Vashti for a Virtual Field trip to her studio where she’ll share how she researches, writes, and draws influential historical figures you may know. She’ll finish with a live drawing demonstration and you’ll learn to draw your very own Little Leader, Little Legend, or Little Dreamer!  Information is posted in Google Classroom.  In December, we completed a whole school virtual stick together poster.  This month, we'll start work on another...keep an eye out in Google Classroom for more information.