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Mission and Policies

Mission and Policies

The Peter Muschal Elementary School Library's Mission is:

To create a friendly community space where students and staff meet to learn, explore and have fun.
To collaborate with teachers to enrich the school curriculum by providing quality books and learning materials.
To create a school library book collection that informs, educates, entertains.
To teach the skills that students need to utilize technology to access and locate information.
To promote life-long reading and learning for both pleasure and information.
Students will visit the library once a week for Library Media class and for "book exchange".
Students are permitted to borrow a library book each week during their library period. Preschool, Kindergarten and First graders may borrow one book each week. Second, third, fourth and fifth graders may borrow two books each week. If a student is working on a class project, he/she may borrow an extra book.
Overdue Materials:  

We appreciate your effort to return books on time. It is our policy that children may only choose a new book if ALL checked out books have been returned. To renew, just ask!
Lost or Damaged Materials:  
Have a special place to keep library books safe and separate. Handle with care. Please do NOT attempt any repairs! A note would be most appreciated. Keep books clean and dry. Water bottles in backpacks are the #1 destroyer of library books. A notice will be sent home with the fine for lost or destroyed books so that the book can be replaced. If you have any questions about this policy, please email me.