Peter Muschal Elementary School

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Welcome to Second Grade!

Welcome to January in Second Grade, Families! Happy 2017!!
As readers, we are continuing to explore nonfiction books in Reader's Workshop.  The students are learning to identify real facts that they have learned, while asking questions as they read too.  As writers, we are currently finishing our Realistic Fiction stories.  The students worked hard to brainstorm their main characters, character traits, and matching problems and solutions.  They are expected to use this information to create a complete beginning, middle, and end for their story.  
In Math, we have begun Unit 4 as we focus on time.  The students are challenging themselves as they identify A.M. and P.M. times, elapsed time, and identifying various times on analogue clocks.  Please assist your child as they practice differentiate the difference and purpose between the hour hand and the minute hand.
In Science and Social Studies, we finished our Plants Unit and learned about holidays celebrated around the world during this time of year.  We also had our Heritage Feast and enjoyed various foods originated in many different countries.  The students will presented their projects to the class, showcasing their heritage and what they learned during this family project.  This month we will learn about Martin Luther King Jr. and are having discussions and participating in shared readings about the winter weather and hibernation.
Please continue to support your learner at home with math facts and their daily reading.  All student should be reading for at least 10 minutes a night at home.  As discussed, continue to practice encouraging your readers by asking developed comprehension questions about the book they are reading.  In second grade, your child is ready to look past the typical literal questions (ie. Who is the character? Where is the setting?).  Ask questions more like: How do you feel about the end of the story?  Is there something you would change about the book?  What do you remember most about the story?  Would someone else like to read this book?  Why or why not?  Have fun generating discussions with your child and enjoy the quality time you are carving out for them.