Peter Muschal Elementary School

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Welcome to Second Grade!

Dear Families, 
November is an exciting month for us in second grade.  We are enjoying working in small groups and partnerships, as we get to know one another better as both readers and writers.  Please help your child prepare for their individual share day in November.  The theme is "I am thankful for..." and your child may bring in objects related to their share in addition to the prepared key points discussed at home.  This month, students have been given the privilege to take a classroom book home each night for their assigned reading HW.  It was our first week with the book bags and the students proved to be extremely responsible with their returned book placed in their plastic bag.  The book is to be returned each morning and books are sent home Monday-Thursday.  Thank you for viewing your child's assignments, accomplishments, and behavior color daily!
As readers, we are sharing decoding strategies we can use as readers, because we are growing so much as second grade readers.  The students are encouraged to never give up on a tricky word, since that is how we build our vocabulary and reading stamina.  Now that our small moments have been brainstormed and sketched, we are busy writing about our small moments and adding writer's craft during our Narrative Writing Unit.  Currently we have added transition words, onomatopoeia, and some new leads ("grabbers") to hook our readers.  We certainly do not want anyone to get bored when reading our stories, so adding writer's craft really helps give our writing pizzazz!
Our Word Study program will be switching to two spelling groups this month now that we have all classroom and homework routines in place.  Your child will be completing a pretest every Monday and placed into the most appropriate group each week.  Our Math Unit 2, Fact Strategies is coming to an end as we test soon.  Unit 3 continues with More Fact Strategies.  Please have your child continue to practice their Minute to Win It practice test each night in their STAR binder, in preparation for Friday's test.   
Our first unit for Science is "Insects and Plants" and we have been enjoying our explorations through hands-on approaches.  Our meal worms arrived in mid-October!  They have developed through the life cycle and we have been amazed at watching our larva turn to pupa and have just had two darkling beetles hatch this week!
Parents, please review your date/time for our November conferences.  I am looking forward to meeting with you and showing you what we have been accomplishing in second grade.  Wishing you a healthy and safe month of growth!
Mrs. Lettiere