Peter Muschal Elementary School

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PMES Primary Enrichment Program

Round 1 began for some of the Kindergarten classrooms to receive an introduction to critical and creative thinking via four thinking skill characters. Sybil the Scientist showed students how scientists ask questions, do experiments and sort objects to solve problems. Some groups made virtual “chocolate milk”; they came up with different ways to make the best chocolate milk… candy bars, chocolate powder, chocolate syrup, whole milk were some of the ingredients! Close up looks at shapes revealed some can be sorted by thickness and size, as well as color, number of sides. Dudley the Detective was also introduced. Patience, using clues to find the one correct answer is the way a detective solves problems. They use what we term deductive thinking.  During the month of October, students will meet two other problem solvers, Max the Magician and Isabel the Inventor.    

First, second, and third grade groups began their year getting to know one another’s “talent area”. Each illustrated themselves in drawings that identified them in their talent area, a theory relating to Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner. Group charts were made for students to record their findings. Students developed questions related to their group posters and made predictions about other groups based on their research findings.

In October first grade groups will apply deductive thinking skills. Thy will become familiar with using an elimination strategy to problem solve. They will also be introduced to two-dimensional charts called Logic Charts used to solve problems.

 Second graders will be introduced to Logic Links, a series of activities that involve the sequencing of dots by careful independent reading.  Additionally they will become sleuths in a problem titled “The Mr. Bear Mystery”. The classroom will become a Forensic Lab.

Third graders will be introduced to a more complex level of Logic Links.  Additionally, they will be introduced to Rosie Revere, the Engineer to learn more about what is an engineer and how they help us in our world.