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PMES Primary Enrichment Program

Parent Conferences and Spring Break made the month of April pass by quickly.  PEP students kept busy working on various cooperative and critical thinking activities. The first grade group was introduced to Logic Links, deductive thinking problems that require one to think about the ordering of a set of dots using given clues.  They then continued work with attribute shapes to find commonalities, leading to the use of Venn diagrams.  Students were also acquainted with analogies, making connections with things in different ways.  During May, students will extend their thinking skills to visualization.   

Second graders continued with Logic Links and completed their block quilt patterning project. One of the quilt block patterns, Yankee Puzzle, reflected a game American pioneer children were familiar with, tangrams. Using seven geometric shapes, different images can be made by flipping and rotating the shapes.  Students began to experiment with how the shapes can be manipulated to create different images.  In May, students will use tangram images they have created to cooperatively brainstorm stories.  They will conclude Logic Links and investigate the art form of origami. 

Third graders cooperatively wrote summaries of their rocking chair project, detailing the trials and tribulations of this building challenge.  They presented their chair projects and shared their summaries with classroom peers. Following Spring Break, PARCC testing began.  During this time they will return to critical and creative thinking activities. Logic Links will exercise critical thinking and independent problem solving. LINKITY gives students opportunities to think outside the box and exercise vocabulary; how can words connect – synonyms, antonyms, rhyming, and word association.  Following PARCC, they will conclude their year by becoming familiar with the world of computer science. What do the words algorithm, program, code, debugging and looping mean?

Regular scheduled meetings will conclude in May to allow for testing of additional students entering grades 1-3 for the 2017-2018 school year. 

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