Peter Muschal Elementary School

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Terrific Third Graders

Welcome March!!!
This month in Language Arts students are reading Charlotte's Web by E. B. White. Our class has been working on the theme or friendship in the books that we have been reading in class. Students are focusing on characters actions and feelings. They are also working on inferential reading comprehension and vocabulary meaning in context. Students are also working in their guided reading groups on their individual levels.
     In Writing,  students have been working on realistic fiction pieces in which they will develop story plot, problems and solutions.
     In Math, students are working on Unit 7 on fractions, measurement and solving word problems. Students will also be working on addition/subtraction and multiplication with regrouping.
     In Science, students will be working on their solar system projects by doing research. They will be discovering interesting facts about each planet. They will also learn about the stars and constellations. Students will be studying about space exploration, famous astronomers and astronauts. In class, students will be sharing their projects and the knowledge that they learned.
     In Social Studies, third grade students will be learning about our wonderful town...Bordentown. They will be learning about many famous people and places that make our town special. Students will be visiting these historic places later in the year. Our third graders and high school students will also be working on a joint project about our town.
     Please feel free to contact me by phone at 609-298-2600 ext. 4151 or email me at if you have any questions.