Peter Muschal Elementary School

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Terrific Third Graders

     Happy November! Students have finished reading The One and Only Ivan and are completing many comprehension activities about the book. This past month students have also read mysteries and are completing a reading detective case file identifying clues to help them solve the mystery. This month students will be reading other fictional books like The Chocolate Touch. Students are focusing on character studies by identifying characteristics of the characters and problems they are experiencing. They are also reading and sharing leveled books individually and in small groups.
     In Writing, students will be working on informational writing. Students will select a topic that they are an expert. They will be focusing on different types of writing like descriptive, how to, and persuasive. Students will include text features like a table of contents, glossary, charts, pictures, and captions. 
    In Math, students have complete Unit 2 which focused on various problem solving strategies. This month, students will be working on Unit 3 which will focus on multiplication and division. Please continue to review  multiplication facts at home.
     In Science, students are doing many exciting hands on experiments on Matter and Motion. They will work cooperatively in groups, follow steps to complete experiments, share their results and make conclusions.
     In Social Studies, students are reading about current events in their Scholastic News. They are also working on reading strategies like reading maps, charts and graphs. Students are also working on skills like supporting their written responses with evidence from the articles, comparing and contrasting articles and persuasive writing.
     Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at or (609)298-2600 ext. 4151.