Peter Muschal Elementary School

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Terrific Third Graders

     Happy June! This month students will continue working in Literature Circle Groups in which they will select a book and work with other students who are reading the same book. In these groups, students will complete various jobs like Discussion Director, Artful Artist, Character Sketcher, Problem Solver, Summarizer and Word Wizard. Students will work together to share their knowledge about the book. Students have done an outstanding job on their independent reading logs with responses this year. Proud of all their hard work and dedication!
      In Writing, students have been working on fairytales, folktales and tall tales. As they write, they are including characters, setting, problems and solutions. Their stories will focus on how the character solves their problems. Also this month, students will be writing different forms of poetry like acrostic, shape, haiku, cinquain, limerick and rhyme. Students will be publishing their poems into an anthology of poems.
     In Math, students are finishing Unit 9 on multiplication and division of higher numbers, multistep word problems and fractions. This unit is a review of skills covered this year. Students are working on supporting their answers to work problems with detailed explanations.
     In Science, students are finishing our Animal Unit. Students will also be learning the vertebrates animals which includes mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles. Students will be completing an animal report in class. They have researched their animal and have gathered information pictures to use. Students will be writing their reports in class.
     In Social Studies, students are learning about maps, globes, charts and graphs. They are using directions, the compass rose, the map key and map scale to find locations. Students have been eager to learn about current events by reading the Scholastic Newspaper.
It has been my great pleasure to teach such wonderful students. I wish you the best as you go on to fourth grade. Continue to try your best and be shining stars. I am so very proud of each and every one of you!
Hope you have a wonderful summer and continue to have the love of reading!
     Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at or (609)298-2600 ext. 4151.